Last updated: 4 Feb 24 07:23:55 (UTC)

MPTPRO's Accoutrements, Tools & Daily Carry

"Accoutrements are all the things you have with you when you travel or when you take part in a particular activity.

Casio Duro MDV-106 (black, blue, gold). The best value in wrist watches. Beautiful, appropriate for all occasions, and inexpensive ($50).

Google Pixel 5 Android phone (Sorta Sage). I use Mint Mobile. Running Graphene OS

Google Pixel Wireless Ear Buds 2a

Fexnix PD25R EDC Flashlight

Husky Utility Knives. These razor-blade knives are not suited for EDC, but they’re inexpensive enough ($5-$8) to have a few laying around everywhere. I have one at home, garage, car, bike, my daily travel bag etc.

Gerber Shard tool

Daily Stoic Reminder Coins. Carry one each day in a rotation. Great reminder of my philosophy.

Kahr K40

Saddleback Leather - Thirteener Thin Leather Briefcase

Sharpie S-GEL Pen

JuneLsy Business Card Holder Case. I use it as my wallet to carry my credit cards and business cards.

Travelambo Carbon Fiber Money Clip