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MPTPRO's Cigars, Pipes, Scotch & Spirits

“I like to enjoy the delicacies that the good life has to offer.”


Cigar Paraphernalia

Peter James Castano Leather Cigar Case

Custom Zippo Lighter

Xikar VX2 V-Cut Cutter

Custom Ash Cigar Rests

PerfecDraw Cigar Pick

My Humidor Set-Up

I use the Whynter CHC-251S Stainless Steel 400-Cigar Cooler Humidor, 2.5 Cubic Feet which controls the temperature, and I control humidification via the Cigar Oasis electronic humidifier.

Whynter CHC-251S Humidor

Cigar Oasis electronic humidifier

WiFi Receiver

Android App

Pipe Smoking Paraphernalia

Peterson - System Sandblasted B42 P-Lip

Peterson - System Standard 303 P-Lip

Rossi Rubino pipe

Tamper made by Beerrenate

Peter James Pipe Organizer

Zippo Pipe Lighter

Scotch & Spirits Paraphernalia

Ayla and I are founding members of the Orange County Scotch Club.

My Laphroaig “plot of land”

Blomus Stainless-Steel Flask

Vinturi Spirit Aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Oster Electric Wine Opener